Millbrook Lodge Hotel takes the wellbeing of all our staff, guests and visitors as our main priority

during this very difficult and stressful period.  The hotel has implemented the following procedures for this reason. These procedures include:

•      Enhanced cleaning and sanitising regimes

•      Provision of  sanitising stations

•      Social distancing measures implemented across the business

•      COVID-19 illness reporting procedures for staff, customers and contractors

•      A quarantine room has been set aside each day for those staff, visitor or guest who may take ill and not be able to leave the hotel right away. This room will be sanitised after use.

•      We record all guests’ details for meal reservations, stay overs and walk in guests for track and trace reasons.

•      All staff have their temperatures checked before they come on duty.

•      All staff are advised to travel alone to work and are not allowed to arrive into the building dressed in their uniform. This is to ensure that they are not carrying the virus from their home.

•      Staffs are only permitted to enter particular areas on the hotel to reduce the risk of transmission.

•      A keep left policy in all corridors and staircases is operated in the building.

•      All rooms and suites are defogged after use.

•      All overnight guests that are staying more than one night are offered an no staff entry refresh facility for their rooms. 

•      Enhanced provision of personnel protective equipment (PPE), where appropriate

•      All staff have  been trained from 23rd June 2020 on our back to work training program and this

•      is ongoing.

•      An ongoing review and verification of our procedures is completed each week with HODs and the GM.

The guidelines during this time are changing each week and we have made a promise to our staff, guests and visitors that we will continue to update all of our procedures as this happens.

Our Head Chef and his team have also under gone addition food safety training during lock down and during the period of re-opening. This is something that this team take very seriously and again their training will always be on coming as we move forward.

We thank you for your co-operation at this time and may I take this opportunity to wish you good health and assure you that your care in Millbrook is our priority.

Gerty McCaugherty

Managing Director